Healthy and light food for family dinner ideas

British cuisine has gained a lot of momentum across the world in homes and restaurants alike, British dishes continue to decorate the dining tables. Besides their tasty natures, British cuisine also incorporates flavours from other countries and cultures around the world. You can read about superfood healthy recipes if you need recipes for a superfood that you can try at home. Here is how to cook some British foods:

Fish and curry

This is a staple dish across the UK. This dish came as a result of the inclusion of Spanish and Portuguese ethnicities into the British community. The fish, usually haddock or cod fish , is battered and fried; chips were used as a substitute for fish at some point in time. However, people began to put the two together when they needed a quick meal. Potatoes are used to make the chips, which are always floury. This food is done within 30 to 40 minutes, and you can serve it with some lemon wedges or vinegar.

Balti Curry

Undoubtedly, people love this curry for it to have made the list of best British recipes. Owing to its diverse ethnic communities, the  British has tasted lots of curries. The traditional method of cooking is used when preparing the Balti Curry. It is cooked over a high flame. When done, it is served in a round-bottomed balti dish. The recipe ingredients include turmeric, gram masala, cloves, etc. You can serve this tasty curry with rice.


 This is another common delight in the British community. Wondering what are called bangers? Sausages. Sausages are called bangers because they bang on the pan if you cook them quickly. To make this delight, you need sausages, onion gravy, potatoes, milk or butter. However, you can choose to remove onion gravy from the list. Your sausage can be chicken, turkey, beef or pork. Mash the ingredients until you get a creamy consistency. Put your friend sausages on top of it. If you are using onion gravy, pour it on top also. Serve and enjoy with your family or friends.

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Spaghetti Bolognese

A favourite not only in the UK but also in several parts of the world, this tasty dish continues to dazzle tongue buds. Although it is of an Italian origin, it has other names in other places in the world. It is filling, wholesome, quick to make and can even serve as a fancy dinner. All you need is to add classy accompaniments such as a great wine or fancy bread. To cook this dish, you need long pasta and plenty of good meat. You can spice the meat sauce with milk, wine, tomatoes, etc. It takes about 3 hours to be done. Once done, serve with some Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

Stew and dumplings

This is another great dish that you should enjoy. It is considered the pillar of winter foods in Ireland and Britain. It is a beef stew that is cooked with vegetables, Brandy and stock. It takes quite a long time before it is done, so you may need to cook in large quantities if you are cooking for lots of people. It is considered very caloric, but that should not serve as a deterrent for you. It is a classic, and you will surely enjoy eating it.

Fish Pie

One thing that stands out about this dish is that it is budget-friendly and highly nutritious. The ingredients you need are butter, milk, potatoes, seasonings and fish stock. You can spend about 30 minutes preparing it and another 30 minutes for baking. Make a thick sauce using your ingredients and pour your mashed potatoes into it. Add some cheese and bake the mixture. Serve with a healthy drink.

Shepherd’s pie

All you need are mashed potatoes, mushroom and meat in a delicious gravy. If you like, you can also top it with some cheese. It takes about an hour to be done. It is a convenient food as it requires not much trouble to prepare. You can eat it alone or serve with accompaniments such as bread or salad.

Toad in the hole

It is unclear as to where this dish got its name but it is something your taste buds will thank you for. You will need pan-fried sausages and an eggy batter. Pour the batter on the sausages and place in the oven. You can serve with some vegetables when done.

Roasted lemon chicken

Lemons, when used as a spice in cooking, make the food tastes great. You can imagine how awesome it will be when mixed with chicken, tasty food as well. Roast the chicken till it is properly done. In another pan, mix the onions, potatoes and carrots and bake as well. Add both together and let it simmer for some minutes. You can serve with wine and bread.