Do You Need Supplements like Prodovite?

Nowadays, the majority of people are looking for shortcuts in life. This also applies for health, but it is much different than the other things because the side effects can be big. We live a much faster life compared to a hundred years ago, so we don’t have enough time to think too much about our health and to actually work on it. It’s hard to manage your job, family, friends and think about every meal you going to take.

Because of this fast-paced life, people started to use supplementation, so they don’t need to have 4 meals a day because they don’t have enough time. This has proven beneficial for a lot of people, but it doesn’t mean that it will improve your health. It’s difficult for an ordinary person to understand the impact of these products because there is a whole science behind it. That’s why you always need to learn more about every product before buying it.

Science behind Supplementation

The term dietary supplementation involves a wide spectrum of products like minerals and vitamins to biosimilar and botanical products. They gain much popularity over the years even if there isn’t enough proof that you will have the benefits you wanted. A lot of people expect too much and, in most cases, they are not satisfied.

There was an interesting study which showed that supplements like Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin D and multivitamins didn’t improve the protection against cardiovascular disease. After that study, people started to ask questions why so many people are still using them without thinking about it. What they found is that most people will use it because they think it will cover their nutritional needs for the day. A big part of it is the placebo effect of taking supplementation. Someone will feel healthy just because they believe a certain product will make them healthy. Read more here.

People that are in the industry think that the biggest problem is that the products are not regulated by the FDA. You don’t have to prove they work in order to sell them, so some companies have a hard time to get returning clients. There are products that have benefits, but the industry is large, and the majority won’t benefit you for the money you spend. A study with a positive outcome showed that you can lower the risk of stroke if you take B-complex vitamins and folic acid. Multivitamins also work in a long-term in lowering the risks of some diseases for a small percentage. It’s better to have a product with herbs for ingredients because you know it’s a natural source.

Benefits You Might Have

If your supplement provider says that you will have benefits for sure, they are probably lying because they don’t know the physical state and if you are allergic to something. Their goal is to sell things so it’s better if you look at the ingredients yourself. If something works for your friend, maybe it won’t work for you so check if they have ingredients that will benefit you. This should be done by testing yourself first, testing your blood or urine and checking what vitamins you lack.

When you know what ingredients you are looking for, it’s much easier to make a decision. The doctor can tell you what the benefits will be if you had, for example, enough of Vitamin C because you lack some. The different story is for supplements that have immediate effects like some herbal-based products and some supplements that affect your hormones.

Supplements that have an almost immediate effect on your physical or mental state have some kind of brain booster. This is usually a plant that has chemicals that will help you with your memory and focus. This doesn’t only make it easier to work on a project or study, but it also benefits your physical state because you will be more focused on training. There isn’t enough study to support these products but as the technology improves, we are getting more information about their benefits.

Safety and Risks

Herbs that are in some of the products can have a strong effect on your body. This is most likely to happen with new products that are not tested enough. It’s very important to mention that people who use medication need to check with their doctor if they can use them because he combination between medication and supplements may affect you negatively. For example, it happens that depending on the product, they accelerate the breakdown of drugs like birth control pills and antidepressants which makes them less effective.

The food you eat contains most of the ingredients of dietary supplements and it is hard to control every gram you take because it takes a lot of time every day. This means that you might take more then you need which can make you feel sick. You need to lose a lot of energy in order to intake a large number of nutrients. For example, you might reduce your bone strength, get liver damaged and have a headache if you use too much vitamin A. Even bigger side effects can happen if you use too many supplements that have iron in it.

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Keep in Mind

A large number of people like to give themselves diagnose so they can have a reason to buy a certain supplement. They might just feel bad, which isn’t a good enough reason to spend on something that might help you but there isn’t any guarantee. The best choice would be to consult with a doctor and if they support it, you can get a couple of supplements that will help you make it through the day.

Something that is gaining more popularity is smart drugs based on ingredients that are used to treat anxiety and depression. Some of the ingredients include herbs that will improve your cognitive performance meaning that it makes it easier to focus on one thing you are doing which can be studying or work. The usage of these products is well-known in Silicon Valley, but you need to have some kind of routine in order to get a full effect.