Synthetic Pee for UDT – Forms, Composition and Substances

A weed smoker, who is subjected to a random UDT or Urine Drug Testing will surely be very problematic and worries on how he will achieve a negative result. Drug dependents know very well that one day, they are going to encounter such situations. That’s why some of them are always prepared. They know very well how to manage the situation. So, these individuals have come up with the idea of taking a fake pee with them or keeping it at home. I guess, they are just being smart and won’t mind cheating the result.

Anyway, if you are determined to use such products for your UDT, then you should find the first the ones with high quality. Sites like can give you an idea about where or how you can purchase a fake pee. Actually, you are not forced to cheat on your medical exam. If you can manage to quit right now, then this will benefit you in the future. But when you find it really difficult to stop, then do not insist. Be reminded that you cannot always rely on synthetic products. The experts know about the widespread use of fake pee. Therefore, they are also finding ways to detect it.

Now, if you think that replacing urine works fine, then you have to understand more about the use of these products. It is not enough to know what brand to purchase and where you are going to get it. I supposed, you should be familiar with the forms of synthetic urine and the substances in it. How come testing centers cannot detect that this is not a real sample? Isn’t it surprising that the facilities or experts do not find your fake piss doubtful? I guess, scientists and chemists are just too good to reproduce a human liquid waste.


Urine drug testing or screening is a painless type of laboratory or clinical test. Here, the experts use a human’s liquid waste to detect drug metabolites and illnesses as well. An individual is usually asked to perform this when he is applying for a particular position in big and well-known companies.

When the result is negative, then it means that you are free from toxins and various chemicals. But when your result is positive, it means that you cannot continue your job application. Now, if you are employed and was randomly chosen to undergo this type of medical exam, then there is a chance for you to lose your job.

In my opinion, we cannot blame these people when they prefer to cheat just to beat this challenge. It is not also easy to choose this wrong way, but they have goals to consider. I guess, we just need to accept that things are not always meant to be right. So, how much do you know about the pee that you are going to send as your specimen?


If you are going to submit a fake pee, then you should be able to get a product from a reliable brand. Be mindful about the synthetic piss that you can easily find in the market. When they are sold at a very cheap price, then doubt its quality. Most brands that are said to have a high success rate are usually expensive.

Look at the ingredients of this particular piss here. You should be able to find the most important substances that make up a real pee. It must contain protein, which is derived from album powder. You should also see table salt or NaCl, potassium, sodium, creatinine, pH and uric acid from the package or kit. And then, be very sure that distilled water is used with liquid types of this product.

Most of the fake piss available in the market are sold in liquid form, while the others are in powdered form. Double check the shelf life or expiration date. It would be great, if the package comes with a heating pad because you need to keep this pee warm. Avoid products with added nitrite, bleach, glutaraldehyde and hydrogen peroxide. These substances will alter the synthetic urine and may lead to uncertainties.


When it comes the powdered type of piss that is sold in the shops, be very meticulous, too. These are a human’s dehydrated liquid waste. Sometimes, this form is doubtful because you are not sure about how clean it is. However, you may use distilled water with the right amount to mix and liquefy the solution. There are even some packs that come with an exact amount of distilled water. But this is not always an assurance that it is safe and free from drug metabolites. Remember that this powdered liquid waste is also coming from another human being. Therefore, you should only buy this from a trusted seller.

On the other hand, using this type is also an advantage because it is from a human specimen – a real though powdered piss. It only means that every single composition, which you may read from, will be present in the sample. In this case, there is no way for an expert to doubt it. They won’t know if it is really coming from you, anyway. I guess, this is a good escape. All you have to wish for is that the specimen is clean.

But keep in mind that this may expire, too. That’s why it is important for you to know the shelf life of this solution. For example, you should know how long you can keep it after mixing the powder with water. Remember that when an expired solution is used, the result will be invalid. And this is not supposed to happen. In my opinion, if I can only find a legitimate shop, selling real powdered pee, then I will use. It’s because you just don’t know how advanced studies and facilities are. What if someone was trained to check the difference between a real and fake specimen? With the real dehydrated piss, you will be safe.