Motivating Yourself to Eat Healthy

Today I am going to write about a topic that I am extremely passionate about. I believe that eating healthy and working out is a must for all of us regardless of how busy we are in our everyday lives. I am really a fan of the idea that health should come before anything else, because in the end it is really all that matters. No amount of money is going to make up for lack of health or the happiness health brings.

It is like the famous singer and son of Bob Marley says ” Why are you stressing out yourself to be wealthy? You should be thinking about yourself, that you are healthy”. I KNOW, in our world with financial crisis, stress and everything else it can be hard to get down to the gym and work out, well it shouldn’t be. I am a fan of the 80/20 rule and making things so simple that they just run automatically. Steps you can take today to make things as simple and easy flowing as possible:

1. Throw out all unhealthy foods in your house, in this way you will make sure you eat as healthy as possible since you don’t really have other choices. Plus, if you remember the case before you don’t really have time for the gym, so you won’t have time to run down and get icecream and candy neither. I mean think about it, replacing all your daily meals to healthy ones doesn’t take you extra time while giving you the added benefits immediately.

2. Start doing some exercise whenever you have the time during the day. Who said you absolutely have to go to the gym and workout for a minimum of 2 hours? Just get in 3-5 sets of push ups throughout your day, this will take you approximately 2-3 minutes each time, of course depending on your strength levels and winner mentality at the given time.

3. Change your identity. Begin viewing yourself as a machine that eats solely for fuel, you are like the Russian guy from Rocky 4, a terminator that only thinks about running optimally and being able to give his maximum effort each and every time.

The last tip of course is to have fun, if you don’t enjoy the process and constantly whine about having to eat healthy you shouldn’t even start, since you will fail. Just watch it as a lifestyle change and the celebration of the new terminator that eats solely for food, you can do this.

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