Tips on How to Eat Less in Order to Stay Healthy and Active

Going through various customer feedbacks about smarter nutrition, we learned that supplements can complement your diet and help you get the required nutrient your body needs to function each day.

Nutrients are gotten from the food we eat but it comes as no surprise when people eat a lot of food yet they are always drained, possess low energy levels, and fall sick at the drop of a hat. This might be due to the quality of the food eaten. In fact, large quantity of food does not equate quality. If you can be intentional about your food, you will find out that there are healthy online techniques you can use to eat less, yet stay healthy and active.

Scientific studies have shown that cutting down on calories intake and eating less, can increase life expectancy and most health issues can be sliced to the barest minimum.

mindful eating

Tips on How to Eat Less to Stay Healthy

The following tips would help you in eating less in order to remain healthy.

Mindful Eating

It is important to practice the art of mindful eating. Large quantities of food are gulped when you eat absent mindedly either between work or while your eyes are glued to the TV. Perhaps you have lunch in front of you and pick through the food as you browse through social media or have you noticed how much popcorn and drinks you consume while watching a movie? Yes, that is mindless eating and it is not healthy. Eating this way can make you lose the taste of eating and your body interprets this food as snack not real food. Liquid calories – in form of soda and processed fruit juice – are not useful; they only fill your stomach for a short while after which you’re hungry again. Before you drag that box of cake to snack between meals, pause and ask yourself why. When this happens you are eating because you feel like it. You keep eating more but you don’t get that burst of energy in the long run.

Plan your Meals

Start with realistic expectations. Don’t force yourself to drop all the junk food and turn around to eating healthy in one day. Your whole eating healthy plans will backfire. Start small and place the protein meals in the morning on your food time table. Research has shown that proteins take longer to digest, and it’s unlikely you will get hungry fast. Ensure you have fibre in your diet. In the age of processed foods, most people have missed out totally on fibres. Fibres help in weight loss, aids digestion, and prevent constipation.

Keep the Junks Out of Sight

Keeping the junks out of sight would help you a lot in your bid to eating right. James Clear, in his book, Atomic Habits said, ‘the environment is an invisible hand that shapes human behaviour. How does this relate to you? If you walk into the kitchen and you find chips lying on a tray, you’re more likely to pick it than walk away. Instead, have water bottles at your reach.

Replace the junks with healthy snacks. Carry nuts, cheese, yoghurt or milk shakes with you when you are going to stay out of the home for a while. You might get hungry, but try and resist the urge to buy soda or unhealthy snacks.

Start eating less to stay healthy and active. The key to staying healthy is in the quality of the food not the quantity.